Yamaha announces new propeller selector on YamahaOutboards.com

KENNESAW, Ga. – Yamaha Marine Group today announced the introduction of an all-new propeller selector to help customers narrow down propeller options, based on their input. The new tool can be found at www.yamahapropselector.com.

Customers work through the selection process as they are prompted at three intervals to refine results. Propeller options are refined based on type of craft and horsepower, and refined even further by type of performance goals the boater wants to achieve. The most refined level bases results on “pitch” and “RPM” target goals.

The company said the tool removes much of the initial effort in selecting an appropriate propeller, allowing customers to receive a very targeted number of propeller solutions, which they can discuss further with their local dealer.

To complete the process, customers select a link to “Find Your Nearest Dealer,” or “Have a Dealer Contact Me” in multiple locations on the page. The “Have a Dealer Contact Me” link prompts the customer’s nearest authorized Yamaha Marine dealer to contact him or her for more discussion.

“Our customers have never had this much propeller information available at their fingertips,” said David Meeler, marine product information manager at Yamaha Marine Group. “With this intuitive new tool, we greatly reduce the anxiety customers can have as they try to navigate the world of propellers, and bring it down to some manageable options – which translates to improved customer satisfaction – and ultimately a better boating experience, too.”

For more information, please visit YamahaOutboards.com.

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