Gekko announces new 22-foot Komodo V Drive

LAKE MINNETONKA, Minn. – Gekko announced the release of the 22-foot Komodo V-drive, a water sports boat that seats 14 people with a weight capacity of 3500 pounds. The Komodo comes standard with an Indmar Raptor 400 engine.

Built with a 102” beam, the boat utilizes the latest CAD/CAM design technologies and borrows styling elements from the exotic car world. The company says the new V drive features angular refinements not typically found in boats, and the objective was to create a distinctive design that’s appealing and unique.

“At the outset of this project, we intended to create something special, something that turns heads like exotic cars do. I think we’ve accomplished this with the Komodo. This new 22-foot boat sits squarely where the volume is in our segment and the way it looks makes it a stand out. We’ve also created a proprietary windshield for the Komodo and added our new SurfSide System for the ultimate surfing experience,” said Mark Ovebye, CEO of Gekko.

The Komodo is the first of several new Gekko boats planned for 2016 and 2017. Gekko expects to begin shipping the Komodo in November. The company said numerous dealers have already placed orders and Gekko anticipates that the Komodo will help grow its global footprint.

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