Yanmar to roll out new engines at Cannes

Yanmar Marine International (YMI) will preview a new series of common-rail leisure-marine diesel engines in the 400-500mhp power sector at the this year’s Cannes’ Festival de la Plaisance, Sept. 13-18. YMI, in conjunction with its French distributor Fenwick, is unveiling a pre-production six-cylinder 6LY440 unit with one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in its class at the Mediterranean’s premier in-water boat show.

The new 6LY440 is rated at 440mhp at 3,300 rpm and is one of a new 6LY2-CR family of inline six-cylinder units. The new model has a power-to-weight ratio of 1.7:1 (kW per kg) giving it not only a significant advantage over the previous 6LY models, but also outstripping the offering of all of its major competitors in the leisure marine propulsion market, the company says.

Deliveries of the 6LY440-CR engine, along with those of a lower-rated 6LY400-CR at 400mhp, will start from early next year.

“If performance power cruiser owners detect something familiar about this new engine, that’s quite deliberate on our part,” said Wil Botman, YMI Assistant Sales Manager. “The engine is a development of the mechanically controlled 6LY2A engine series which have sold in several thousands over the years earning classic status among their many fans. In fact, it uses the same narrow and lightweight LY2 block which made it a favorite for installing in small, cramped engine rooms that are often found in boats designed for high top speeds.”

Just about everything else concerning the new turbocharged 6LY engine is new, however. Single mechanical injector units are replaced by a Denso digital controlled common-rail fuel injection system with new pipe work designed to cope with higher injection pressures.

“The 24-valve cylinder head is all-new too, as is the newly-designed inlet and exhaust manifold for optimal engine breathing to give high levels of torque throughout the entire speed range. And, of course, engine operation is fully digitally controlled,” Botman said.

This new common-rail six-cylinder diesel is complemented by a representative selection of the Yanmar electronically-managed JH-CR series engine models of 45-110mhp with common-rail fuel injection that meet the latest EPA Tier3 and upcoming EU RCD (2017) emissions requirements. All are displayed on the Yanmar/Fenwick stand (JETEE 105) which at 50m² is double the area of last year’s show booth.

These new JH-CR four-cylinder engines have only been on the market since earlier this year and are the smallest marine diesels to offer the considerable advantages of of electronic control over standard mechanical control systems.

“They are, by a distance, the leanest and greenest marine diesels in their class,” Botman said,  “currently being best in their class on five counts: they have the cleanest exhaust emissions; the best fuel economy; the quietest and smoothest running for comfortable cruising; best power-to-weight for superior acceleration and braking performance; and the best plug-and-play electronic connectivity.”

Like all new Yanmar electronic engine models introduced since 2011, the latest units have the full benefit of Yanmar’s Vessel Control System (VCS) – also presented on the stand. This plug and play control system offers the company’s advanced joystick system as an option for fingertip control low-speed manoeuvring and docking by vectoring the outputs of shaft drive and stern drive vessels and thrusters.


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