MarineMax launches burgee campaign

CLEARWATER Fla. – MarineMax announced that they have launched their United by Water burgee campaign. The campaign promotes boating and boating enthusiasts. Boaters are encouraged to obtain a United by Water burgee from their local MarineMax and post pictures of themselves, friends, pets and family having fun this summer using the hashtag #showusyourburgee.

“Whether they enjoy waterskiing, wake surfing, cruising to exotic locations, diving a reef or catching fish, all boaters share the H2O gene,” explained Chuck Cashman, MarineMax vice president – east operations. “The United by Water burgee is a symbol that all boaters are tied together through shared joyful experiences. And boaters innately understand that being on a boat simply takes you away from the everyday pressures and creates opportunities to bond with those that matter the most: your family and friends.”

United by Water burgees are free and available at all MarineMax stores. Anyone can participate, you do not need to be a MarineMax customer. This is not a contest and there are no prizes. However, occasionally, throughout the summer, MarineMax may highlight exceptional or unique pictures that capture the spirit of the campaign and may award the person posting the picture with a token of appreciation.

“Simply upload your picture to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #showusyourburgee and watch the love you get,” continued Cashman. “Fly your burgee on your boat, take it on vacation or when you go fishing and snap pictures with your burgee wherever and whenever you are having summer fun.

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