TRC acquires Ensign Power Pedestals

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Technology Research, LLC – A Southwire Company is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Ensign Power Pedestals, a leader in the marine and RV power pedestal markets.

For the past 35 years, TRC has built on a corporate mission to become the leading power distribution manufacturer for the recreational vehicle and marine industries.   The Surge Guard product line has been the leading power protection device in the RV industry, complemented by the Shoreline Reels product line providing power cord and storage solutions.  The acquisition of Ensign Power Pedestals brings TRC closer to accomplishing a more robust power distribution solution, from Pedestal to Panel.

Ensign Power Pedestals bring over 20 years of quality products and service to the industry.   Tom Caldwell joins TRC as the Regional Sales Manager, bringing over 25 years of industry sales & engineering experience, the last 15 years as co-owner of TDI Products in Jacksonville Florida.

Craig Floyd, Senior Director of Sales for TRC’s Commercial Products division is excited at the addition.  “We are excited to welcome the addition of Tom and Ensign Power Pedestals, furthering our commitment to quality power products and solutions for the RV and Marine industries,” said Floyd of the acquisition.

More information on TRC and Ensign Pedestals can be found at or

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