NTSB Releases Safer Seas 2014; report of marine accident investigations

WASHINGTON – The National Transportation Safety Board released its “Safer Seas 2014: Lessons Learned From Marine Accident Investigations” report. Safer Seas is a compilation of accident investigations that were published in 2014, organized by vessel type with links to the more detailed accident reports.

The 43-page report contains a summary and the probable causes for 23 major marine accidents and features lessons learned from each of the accidents in an easy-to-use summary document. Safer Seas 2014 focuses on issues including understanding vessel control systems, passenger safety during critical maneuvers, maintenance, and crew training.

Safer Seas 2014 is available on the NTSB website at http://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/AccidentReports/Reports/SPC1501.pdf.

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