UVS Junction releases new marine software

Angie Cellucci, director of UVS Junction, announced this week the release of their marine software.

“We’ve been servicing the RV Industry since 1999 and many of them sell both RVs and Marine and continued to ask us to develop the marine side of our software,” Cellucci said. “When doing so we collected input from them. We asked them what their dream website would be and we were amazed to learn what their needs were.”

According to the company, their largest frustration was their continued inability to include multiple engines and trailers with one boat.

“They shared with us the term inclusion,” Cellucci said. “They wanted multiple engines and trailer choices on one details page. In addition we learned that a very big deal is the ability to upsell packages like fishing gear and stereo equipment.

Some of the key features of the software:

  • Dealers can now manage their inventory in three categories:  Boats, engines and trailers.
  • Dealers can list unlimited engines and include multiple options for prospects with pricing.  Prospect will drop down the engine of their choice based on your selections for that unit. When they drop down their choice it will publish basic information about that engine along with pricing.
  • Dealers can list unlimited trailers and include multiple options for prospects with pricing. Here too, prospects will drop down the trailer of their choice based on your selections for that unit. The information will publish including pricing.
  • Dealers can create options packages with pricing. When prospect selects options, prices change in real time.  This can include fishing bundles, upgraded stereo equipment, etc.

“What we did was take the robust platform we already had built for the RV industry and add a ton of marine friendly options with a focus on inclusion,” Cellucci said.

To see a demo video and learn more about UVS Junction and its new marine software visit http://www.uvsjunction.com/pages/UVS_marine

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