Yamaha Marine Group declares 2015 the ‘Year of Outboard Education’

MIAMI — Yamaha Marine Group declared 2015 the “Year of Outboard Education” this week during the 2015 Miami International Boat Show® in honor of all current and future Yamaha Marine customers. Highlighting the company’s education initiatives is the Maintenance Matters campaign, which is focused on extending the lives of all Yamaha outboards and maximizing customers’ time on the water. The campaign is in keeping with Yamaha’s commitment to superior product reliability and industry-leading education.

Yamaha Marine Group will be disseminating educational initiatives through a variety of platforms in 2015 including live training, online modules, social media outreach and publications focused on helping consumers spend more time on the water. Furthermore, the company will focus educational efforts on all phases of the marine industry including boat builders, dealers, and boat owners.

The company’s Maintenance Matters campaign focuses specifically on providing simple, easy-to-implement tips from Yamaha’s Master Technicians that will help any Yamaha customer add longevity to the life of his or her outboard motor. Kicking off the Maintenance Matters campaign is the launch of Yamaha’s new 2015 Maintenance Matters brochure at this year’s Miami International Boat Show®. The Maintenance Matters brochure provides consumers with practical tips on how to clean, store, maintain and preserve their Yamaha outboards.

“Yamaha is fanatical about the quality of our products,” said David Meeler, Marine Group Product Information Manager. “The Maintenance Matters campaign takes what we have learned from decades of experience and gives Yamaha customers the knowledge they need to maintain their boats in a way that maximizes enjoyment and minimizes long-term costs of ownership.”

Finally, Yamaha will supplement the Maintenance Matters campaign with its continued commitment to boat builder and dealer education. The Marine Group pledges to provide more live training classes to more industry service techs in 2015 than ever before.

“For the fourth consecutive year we intend to train more marine industry employees and educate more consumers and boat owners than ever before,” said Ben Speciale, Marine Group President. “Be on the lookout for live training, social media outreaches and valuable literature because 2015 looks to be the most exciting chapter in Yamaha’s long history of superior education to date.”

For more information about Maintenance Matters, visit http://yamahaoutboards.com/care-and-maintenance/maintenance-matters or for Yamaha Marine Group training and education initiatives, email Dolly Reeves, Marine Training Coordinator, at Dolly_Reeves@yamaha-motor.com

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