Yamaha Marine Group unveils six new outboards

Yamaha Marine Group announced the introduction of six new outboards during the Minneapolis Boat Show Sneak Preview. These new outboards support Yamaha Marine’s continued emphasis on further expansion into the freshwater market and Midwest region.

Headlining the new product release are four additions to the V MAX SHO outboard family, all of which are compact, light weight and capable of performance typically associated with two strokes, but with the convenience, fuel efficiency and quiet operation of a four stroke.

The new V MAX SHO 115 (MSRP $11,755), aimed at smaller freshwater boats, and the new V MAX SHO 175 (MSRP $16,740), aimed at midsize freshwater boats, round out the horsepower offerings of the V MAX SHO family, which already includes V MAX SHO 150, 200, 225 and 250 models. The new V MAX SHO 150 X-Shaft (MSRP $16,490) and V MAX SHO 250 X-Shaft (MSRP $23,150) are the first members of the V MAX SHO family to feature a 25-inch shaft length, making them ideal for pontoons, multispecies fish boats, and larger bay boats. Each of the new outboards allows Yamaha’s V MAX SHO family to integrate with more boat types, and meet the needs of more freshwater boaters.

Yamaha Marine also unveiled an updated version of its most popular outboard model, the 2.7-liter F150. The outboard gets a new pan and cowl styling with an eight-tooth clutch dog that shifts smoother than the previous six-tooth design. The updated F150 will be available in models with a 20-inch shaft (MSRP $14,910) and a 25-inch shaft (MSRP $14,990), as well as a 25-inch left-hand-rotating model (MSRP $15,560) and a jet model (MSRP $16,470).

Finally, Yamaha introduced a refreshed version of its F8 portable outboard with a shortened tiller handle and improved look. The new F8 will be available in models with a 15-inch shaft (MSRP $2,480) and a 20-inch shaft (MSRP $2,510).



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  1. Come on Yamaha release the REAL NEWS. No one cares about the VMAX Series that much. RELEASE the 400 HP outboards that you have designed 5 years ago? You probably have 450 HP Motors ready to be Launched. I know that the 400's exist and they were developed when the 350's were designed and made. I was wondering if there is a Legal Issue that you have not released these Motors. "Yamaha" Your Clients are waiting. Legally is Verado going to issue their 400 first. I hear that they developed the 400 for you!

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