Boating magazine names Chris-Craft Launch 36 as Boat of the Year

Chris-Craft is pleased to announce the newly released Launch 36 has been named Boat of the Year by Boating magazine. To qualify for Boat of the Year, the boat must be tested by a member of the Boating Tech Team and exceed industry standards.

Released at the Miami International Boat Show, the Launch 36 is the largest addition to the Launch line-up for Chris-Craft. The Launch 36 is primarily a large day boat, with overnight facilities, designed for having fun on the water, with a range of toys and water sports for family and friends. The new model is designed with a full walk around deck to access the forward seating and a full sized bow sun bed. As you make your way to the aft cockpit, owners can enjoy a full open air galley, and large U-shaped seat, with a large retractable table that easily converts to a second, large aft sun bed. Below deck, there are berths for five people, a full sized head and a separate shower.

The new model is equipped with built-in storage for a variety of sports equipment such as snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, bicycling, wakeboarding, and tubing.

“This is the boat I have always wanted to build for my family. People have lost sight of what it means to play on the water and this boat is really a toy boat for all,” commented Stephen Julius, Chairman of Chris-Craft Corporation.


  1. You people must have had a specially prepared boat to fool the judges.
    Talk to some of the recent new Chris Craft buyers of problems they are having with the quality control at CC.
    Boats delivered with spider cracks in the decks, Ill fitting seating. Teak trim that lifts when left in the Florida sun.
    Well I guess CC will sell a bunch, and that will give them the funds to fix the ones that the knowledgeable owners complain about.

    • Frankly Hillary- Any new boat delivered can have issues no matter what make and model. As a Chris Craft dealer, we experience far fewer issues with the Chris Crafts than we see out of other lines. OF COURSE there are exceptions to any rule and when we find an issue we make sure the boat is in perfect condition prior to delivering it to a new client. As far as the teak is concerned, those issues are indeed caused by the sun. We have seen very few problems with the teak when it was properly taken care of. It would not be the manufacturers fault if an owner consistently leaves teak uncovered and uncleaned in the harsher climates. If you are not prepared to take care of the teak, do not get the teak options or it WILL create a nightmare scenario. Stress cracks can be an issue on almost any new boat and this is no secret, but they should also be fixed prior to delivery by the dealer (the factory warranty covers this as well as any ill fitting seating etc.).

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