Taco Marine wins innovation award

Taco Marine’s Seaspension Shock-Mitigation Pedestal has been recognized with a Fisheries Supply Innovation Award following the opening of the Pacific Marine Expo at Safeco Field in Seattle.

Fisheries Supply sought the help of marine media, brokers, retailers, builders and boatyard industry experts to judge the Innovation Awards program. Awards were given to products that differentiated from the competition, provide value and fill a need in the boating industry.

Taco Marine was recognized for Best Marine Hardware for the Seaspension Shock-Mitigation Pedestal, a pedestal system for boat chairs that absorbs shock and vibration to prevent pounding on the back and legs caused by rough seas. Reduces fatigue and provides comfort and safety. Seaspension shock-absorbing pedestals are now available with Taco Marine’s Coastal and Capri chairs.

“From helm chairs to bench seats and leaning posts, we cover a broad range of applications for boat builders and aftermarket alike” says Mike Kushner, VP of Sales & Marketing at Taco Marine. Because typical pedestals are rigid, they transfer wave jolts and vibrations directly to the seats. Rough seas often force boaters to stand up and hang on, putting them at risk of falling and getting injured. “The Seaspension shock-absorbing pedestals from Taco Marine allow for a safer, more comfortable experience, as boaters can now remain seated and relaxed” added Kushner.

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