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Vesselvanguard partners with Greenline Yachts

By VesselVanguard

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – VesselVanguard, the leading marine maintenance management solution, announced today a new partnership with Greenline North America. Greenline Yachts is the maker of the first true diesel-electric-solar hybrid yacht, with over 450 such yachts delivered worldwide to date.

To support and further the unique ownership experience of each hybrid Greenline yacht, every new model from Greenline’s range of 33, 40, and 48-foot yachts sold in the United States will be fully provisioned with a VesselVanguard subscription. This will give Greenline owners access to a digital library of equipment manuals for their boat and all of its equipment, a customized maintenance and inspection calendar for all onboard systems, and powerful functionality to track and oversee all service tasks. Greenline owners will have information on their yacht’s systems at their fingertips with timely alerts and emails to help them keep everything running in top condition as well as reduce energy consumption. VesselVanguard is the perfect complement to Greenline’s proprietary GreenPad vessel monitoring system, which allows constant monitoring of all systems on board through an iPad and a vessel-dedicated wifi system. The result is an exceptionally green boating experience that supports all of Greenline’s environmental advantages and attributes.

“Greenline is proud to be the first true hybrid yacht builder, and we’re thrilled to have partnered with VesselVanguard,” said Constantinos K. Constantinou, CEO of Greenline North America. “VesselVanguard’s maintenance management systems support our goal of environmentally friendly and responsible boating. Each detail of our yachts is engineered to provide an exceptional and efficient boating experience. We believe we produce a unique and top-quality product and that VesselVanguard does the same.”

“Like VesselVanguard, Greenline represents a true yachting innovation with its hybrid propulsion and the newest in green build technology,” said Don Hyde, CEO, VesselVanguard. “The selection of VesselVanguard for an all-digital vessel management solution is the perfect complement to Greenline’s environmental focus and commitment to maintaining pristine boating conditions worldwide.”

Dedicated to simplifying the boat ownership experience and providing significant changes in the post-sale relationship for builders and customers alike, VesselVanguard removes the complexity of owning and maintaining a vessel. The solution meets the information needs of today’s busy lifestyle giving Greenline owners a secure and comprehensive boat profile accessible from the cloud, anywhere at any time, by browser, tablet or smartphone. The profile contains all manuals in searchable form with current updates, warranty data, registration and insurance documentation, organized to the preferences of the owner.

For more information on VesselVanguard please visit www.vesselvanguard.com.

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