New Prop Wizard 4.0 makes all dealers prop experts

Helping customers find the right propeller shouldn’t be a guessing game. Prop Wizard 4.0, the newly updated online selection tool from Turning Point Propellers, quickly calculates the best props for a boat. With this powerful sales tool in hand, any marine dealer can provide expert customer advice, whether in their store, out on the lot, or at a boat show.

Fast-loading Prop Wizard 4.0 automatically scales for optimal use on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Besides its availability at, the program can be added to the dealer’s website with a simple copy and paste of code. Turning Point gladly assists web developers in linking the program to an existing shopping cart.

Easy drop-down menus and autocomplete functions initiate a search of Prop Wizard’s massive database of over 350,000 boat models spanning 35 years, and 7,000 engines. With enhanced algorithmic ability, it delivers pinpoint accuracy in calculating the ideal Hustler aluminum or Express stainless steel prop for a boat.

The new Prop Wizard 4.0 can even make a recommendation without an exact model by using a boat’s hull type, length, beam and dry net weight. This can be helpful to boatbuilders looking to equip a new design.

Offering far greater precision than other online selection tools, Prop Wizard quickly takes into account the average boat load and amount of fuel, as well as additional gear and altitude of operation. It can change pitch recommendation whether the boat is on Lake Tahoe, Biscayne Bay, or any waters in between.

Alternate search functions give dealers maximum flexibility, such as an OEM-to-part-number cross reference that quickly finds all engines a prop fits, with its corresponding hub system. Prop Wizard can also generate a list of all props for a specific engine, or simply display all of Turning Point’s models—something no other selection tool delivers.

The Prop Wizard 4.0 results page includes both Turning Point Hustler and Express propeller housings and matching MasterGuard hub kits, complete with current and superceded part numbers for matching to inventory. Pictures of each propeller’s box label enable quick identification in the stock room or on the display shelf. Prop Wizard also enables the dealer to email a request to have prop choices reviewed by a Turning Point propulsion engineer.

Dealers can tailor Prop Wizard to display only propellers in their inventory, or amend IDs and part numbers to their own SKUs and prices. Prop Wizard ensures that the retailer retains business by seamlessly returning customers back to the dealer’s webpage once recommendations are made. Turning Point also gives retailers access to their website’s Prop Wizard usage log to align advertising and stock with customer interest.

Dealers can use Prop Wizard’s informational videos as an educational tool for customers. They help boat owners understand the differences between aluminum and stainless steel or 3- and 4-blade props, as well as learn about diameter, pitch and WOT-RPM range.

In over 17 years of operation, Turning Point Propellers has earned a reputation for designing the highest quality, highest performing aluminum and stainless steel props in the industry. It’s the only company to offer a lifetime warranty on its hub, the cure for Spun-a-Hub-a-Phobia.

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