Hydracraft unveils advanced marine technology for licensing to leading boat manufacturers worldwide


SAN PEDRO, Calif., June 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hydracraft, a well-established, successful research and development firm incorporated in 1986 and located in the Port of Los Angeles, announced today that it is launching its fully patented "miracle boat" featuring Hydracraft's revolutionary variable hull, modular technology and a very cost effective manufacturing process. The unique variable hull allows the customer to change the hull from a deep-vee to a modified vee to a flat bottom or into a multi-hull in less than one minute while at full speed. It's as changeable as the weather! Hydracraft is now offering unprecedented exclusive licensing opportunities to leading recreational and defense boat builders worldwide giving them an extreme competitive advantage and a greater market share.

"Now that we've been granted numerous U.S. and international patents we are able to take off our 'cloak of secrecy,' and unveil our technology that allows the buyer to make a much easier buying decision," said Hydracraft Founder and CEO Hal Syfritt. "Why should buyers have to choose only one boat from so many when they can have so many boats in one?"

The dealers of the selected manufacturer will obtain a much easier sale, receive quicker delivery, while selling more boats and enjoying greater profits. It also appeals to a new, younger group of buyers because of its affordability, versatility and transforming technology.

For the first time in modern boat manufacturing, Hydracraft's new modular manufacturing process allows the utilization of today's low cost, repetitive manufacturing in low volume production, and is environmentally safe, producing zero emissions. It saves 50% of the labor cost and 90% of the shipping cost, and substantially lowers many of the other costs of currently building and selling boats. The technology can adapt to any manufacturer's desired signature styling.

"Hydracraft spent several years conducting both formal market research surveys and informal interviews with CEOs and Presidents of the leading companies in the marine industry to determine what are their needs, wants and challenges," said Syfritt. "Our technology is in answer to those needs and problems, and, in fact, is the very reason for Hydracraft's development and extensive international patents."


Hydracraft's prime mission is to develop new marine technology that significantly improves the affordability, capabilities and safety of both recreational and military watercraft; while also reducing the high cost and length of time required for the manufacturing and distribution process.

For more information, email info@hydracraft.com and visit www.hydracraft.com.

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