BRP Evinrude reveals new outboard engines

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 14, 2014 – BRP today revealed a new outboard engine that produces up to 75 percent fewer total regulated emissions, with 15 percent better fuel efficiency and 20 percent more torque than leading four-stroke engines, based on internal BRP testing: G2 engines, the next generation of Evinrude E-TEC outboard engines.

“BRP’s Evinrude brand is an integral part of one of the most innovative powersports companies in the world,” said Alain Villemure, vice-president and general manager of BRP’s Marine Propulsion Systems division. “Our reputation for inventing and reinventing the playgrounds we’re in dictates that a new era in outboard engine technology and design would originate from BRP.”

The Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboard engine delivers unrivaled performance with best-in-class torque and fuel efficiency and lowest total emissions. Available this fall at BRP dealers in ranges starting at 200 H.O. to 300R.A.V.E., the new E-TEC G2 engine offers the first and only customizable look, the only clean rigging and fully integrated digital controls. These innovations now allow consumers to choose the absolute perfect combination of boat and engine by selecting top and front panels, as well as accent colors that match your boat.

“This engine stands alone, in the industry and on the water,” said Chris Dawson, vice-president and general manager of Global Sales and Consumer Experience. “Until now, achieving these levels of performance and integration was unheard of. Add to this the fact that this engine produces, by far, the fewest emissions of any outboard engine on the water, and it’s clear to see why the new Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines will change the face of boating.”

BRP’s next generation of Evinrude E-TEC engines will be backed by unmatched value with the industry’s best engine warranty, least maintenance and best-in-class fuel efficiency. BRP is the only engine offering 5-5-5: 5-year engine warranty, 5-year corrosion warranty, and 500 hours with no dealer-scheduled maintenance, allowing for the most time on the water.

The company launched its first-generation Evinrude E-TEC technology in 2003 and added to the line a broad spectrum of horsepower options for any boating need. The innovative technology has delivered on more power and torque while achieving and surpassing the EPA’s clean air standards for more than 10 years. BRP’s technological breakthroughs with the Evinrude E-TEC technology have also allowed for fewer dealer visits and less engine maintenance over time, giving boaters more time on the water. G2 engines join other Evinrude E-TEC product innovations like the new Pontoon Series engines, the only ones specifically built for pontoons, providing vibration-reducing motor mounts and all the same Evinrude best-in-class performance.

BRP dealers and boat builders from around the world and members of the media were given the opportunity to find out more about this new revolution in the outboard industry as well as test-ride the new line-up during a dealer conference held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (US) this past weekend. BRP organizers received a Silver status certification for a sustainable event.

BRP’s Evinrude engine line-up from 3.5 to 300 horsepower offers customers superior value across a full range of applications. Engines are available at authorized Evinrude dealerships worldwide. Become part of the online Evinrude community at and customize your Evinrude E-TEC G2 engine at Follow us on Facebook at


  1. The Evinrude is a brand that no matter what BRP tries, will never be a brand of choice amongst boaters. It is an option between the reliable Hondas and Merc 4-strokes sure. But let’s not fool anyone here, they are a dead product since OMC folded. I fail to see anything ‘revolutionary’ like we witnessed when the verados were introduced or when Merc released the 150 4-stroke. Those were engines that raised eyebrows. The G2 almost looks desperate to be noticed for nothing mind blowing g here.

    • I agree. Evinrude has been going down hill since 1989 and OMC drove it into the ground. BRP has done nothing but desperately try to play catchup. They would be better off to just drop the line and concentrate on other products. OMC killed the name with their ignorant marketing techniques and no one is going to revive it. The reputation is shot

      • I don’t know what planet you critics live on, but I would suggest that you step out into the light and permit yourselves to be educated. I live in Bermuda and we probably spend more days on the water all year round. I own a Pursuit 3070 Centre Console Offshore and I re-powered the boat in 2005 with 2 x 250hp Evinrude E-Tec outboards and they are absolutely outstanding. We go offshore quite a bit and these engines are incredibly fuel efficient. Bermuda used to be a haven for Mercury & Yamaha outboards with a sprinkling of Evinrudes, however, since the introduction of the E-Tecs, more and more boaters have been moving to E-Tecs. When you are out boating you cannot help but notice the growth of E-Tecs. The cost of fuel in Bermuda is almost $9.00/gal so we are very sensitive to cut down on fuel costs and the Evinrude E-Tecs are much more efficient than the 4 stroke Mercs & Yamahas. I can tell you that the dealer is already taking orders for the New Evinrude G2 engines which are yet to be released. So…in a nutshell, you guys need to climb out from under your rock and take note. BRP are not playing catch up…they are leading. By the way, BRP do not need to buy boat companies to get engines on boats, the consumers are choosing to put the E-Tecs on their boats…especially boaters who are re-powering their boats. If you get the chance ask a boater with an E-Tec to take you for a ride…you will have been “Schooled” by the end of the ride!!!

  2. I’ve sold BRP product in two markets in the northeast. The ETEC’s ran as advertised and customers are happy. IF four stroke outboards are that much better then why did we wait for the EPA emmison requirements before we started making them? Fourstrokes are nice no doubt. But if BRP can make a product that is just as reliable, lighter, has more torque, same fuel economy and less maintenance then why not?? No I haven’t drank the kool aid like some think. But after selling over 10,000 HP over the last 8 years I can say so far so good. And no nothings perfect, yes we’ve had issues. But for sure no less then anyone else has. I’ve seen busted Mercs, Hondas, and yamahas as well . If anyone thinks that OMC drove Evinrude into the ground and thinks they can’t come back then here’s two examples of companies that came back. Firestone tires when they had all of the blowouts, and Toyota when they had the runaway cars. Consumers quickly forget these things and make purchases based on the present as far as I can tell. And presently BRP is making some good product. To the comment about Evinrude having nothing revolutionary then here’s some food for thought. Merc took a outboard and added a supercharger, then they made a 150 extremely light by making the block and some other components as thin and light as possible. Evinrude took a dying 2-stroke technology and mated it with a magnetic voice coil driven fuel injector, 55 volt stator, and inductive discharge coils. They introduced a few other not so revolutionary parts and made it clean, quiet, low maintenance, and self winterizing. I would think that some would consider that to be more revolutionary. But hey that’s just my opinion 🙂

  3. Blaine Schwarzel

    Your both all wet. The market is ready for a 2 stroke POWERFUL outboard. The 4 stroke outboards require more service which most boaters aren’t doing. I’m seeing more failed 4 stroke motors than ever before. The small e-tecs are kicking butt and taking names. More Evinrudes showing up on pontoons and small tin boats. BRP has dropped the ball on some things but the G2 is a game changer. Run one and you’ll see.

  4. The new engines are great. Time will prove them more reliable than the rest of the market, the power, fuel efficiency and reduced emissions will just be bonus’s.

    The engine is completely redesigned and will eliminate 8/10 of the failures due to the new design on the top end – Called ‘starboard starboard’ 8/10 failures used to be caused by the starboard cylinders direction of thrust being towards the exhaust port on the starboard side. This is the hottest part of the engine. By changing which sides the exhaust port is located on that side almost all piston/cylinder failures are eliminates.

    Add in lighter weight (=great HP to weight ratio) 1/2 the moving parts of a 4-stroke and then toss on the torque (Ive tried the G2, its amazing) the fuel effieciency and better emissions (the G2 has only a tiny FRACTION of exhaust as a 4 stroke at idle) and better mileage.

    It’s going to be a winner. It may take a while to beat peoples prejudice (for that is all it is if you havent’ even tried one) but time will tell

    • These engine work very well, I have run both 2-stroke and 4 stroke engines and the E-Tec has more power providing better top end than any four stroke could ever do. This I know as I test drive boats for a living and have over 500hrs a year on the water and have driven the excact same boat with both versions of engine, the E-tec will always deliver 2-4mph better top end and faster plane times….just say’in!

  5. I have to guess that the people comparing the almighty E-tec to the 4 strokes are making certain that no comparison is made to the Optimax as the Optimax will blow the E-tec out of the water in every way. Lets face it. OMC went down the tubes because they kept releasing products before adequate testing was done. Their philosophy was fix it later if it breaks. Well, they all broke, some got fixed and OMC was broke. Now BRP is trying to resurrect a dead horse by cherry picking others ideas.

  6. Writeon – You’re all wet. Which ideas have BRP ‘cherry picked’ from anyone on the E-Tec G-2?

    And name a single category the Optimax will beat the G-2 in. It’s not mid-range torque, top-end, fuel efficiency HP:Weight ratio, emissions I can go on and on.

    The G-2 has been 5 years in development, they have cut no corners on testing. I have inspected the test facility, and reviewed the testing protocol myself. They are thorough on this. The test regimen is vigorous, to say the least.

    I tell you, time will tell BRP has done it right.

    • Thanks KM, I was biting my tongue on this one. I used to be an Optimax fan. Now that’s hard to be a fan after running an ETEC. But I really love how some people think that the Optimax will beat an ETEC in every category. Based on what please? The ETEC is quieter, has less moving parts, no belts, less maintenance, better on fuel and oil, and has more acceleration. Not only have we experienced this as a dealer but it’s also third party backed. If BRP did their job then you’ll see more negative comments to come as it’s all the competition will be left with as a choice. Example: no one complains about a sports team that always places last. If your going to hate a team or a specific player it’s always one that at least wins playoffs and scores more then the rest. Most people hate the Red sox or the Yankees, funny thing is most years they beat most of their division. So if these G2’s do as advertised more fiction is to come from the Merc lovers.

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