MagicEzy gelcoat repair products available in Australia at Whitworths

SUNSHINE COAST, Australia — Australian boaters looking for an easy and effective way to repair fibreglass damage need look no further than their favourite Whitworths Marine and Leisure store.Award-winning manufacturer MagicEzy announced today that its innovative 9 Second Chip Fix and Hairline Fix products are now being offered to boaters at Whitworths’ 16 stores across Australia. They can also be purchased from their popular website at which ships orders all over the Asia Pacific region.

Since launching in December 2013, MagicEzy products have attracted overwhelmingly positive interest from boaters and marine industry leaders in Australia and around the world.  U.S.-based trade journal Boating Industry magazine recently honoured MagicEzy Hairline Fix with a coveted 2014 Top Products Award.  Last week, MagicEzy’s ‘world first’ 9 Second Chip Fix also received accolades as a finalist in the 2014 Australian International Marine Export Group innovation award.

MagicEzy CEO Warwick Lindsay is excited by the news. “Key retail outlets will play a vital role in getting MagicEzy products into the hands of boaters, who we know will be equally as enthusiastic.   This is why we’re delighted to be working with a marine retail leader such as Whitworths, which has such an outstanding and long-standing reputation in the industry,” added Lindsay.

According to Lindsay, MagicEzy products have gained such positive attention by simplifying one of the most challenging and difficult boat maintenance tasks.

“We wanted to make life easy for boat owners and we have manufactured a product like no other on the market today. Whitworths has seen that and are providing a product that their consumers will want.  I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with them,” said Lindsay.

MagicEzy’s 9 Second Chip Fix is a revolutionary, nano filler that structurally fixes and colours chips, scratches, nicks and gouges in seconds. Its companion product Hairline Fix is a coloured, one part, nano sealant that fills and seals damage at both a structural and cosmetic level easily.  Unlike conventional sealants, MagicEzy Hairline Fix has a structural grade adhesion combined with excellent flexibility to provide a long-lasting repair. Both products are available in 11 colours. Even damaged jet skis and canoes can be fixed using MagicEzy products.  Simply apply MagicEzy Mega Fusion Primer Sealant first to coat plastic and aluminium surfaces so they can be repaired using MagicEzy products.

There is also no need for laborious sanding prep work.  This ‘all-in-one’ functionality means that boaters can easily do repairs in seconds anywhere, instead of spending hours using traditional repair methods.

Environmental friendliness was also a key goal in the development of MagicEzy products.  Unlike the epoxy resins traditionally used in fibreglass boat repair, MagicEzy’s nano-filler formulations have no fumes and are water soluble for easy clean up.

To find your nearest Whitworths Marine & Leisure store simply visit their website For further information on any MagicEzy products please visit the MagicEzy website

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