Nautique announces the 2014 Proving Grounds Tour

ORLANDO, Fla. – Nautique announces the 2014 Proving Grounds Tour, behind the award winning G-Series, held this summer all across the USA.

Families and friends will have the chance to experience the award winning, industry leading, Super Air Nautique G-Series this summer with the Nautique Proving Grounds Tour coming to communities all across the country. Over 40 stops this summer will entail a fun-filled day that allows potential and current customers the opportunity to encounter everything Nautique has to offer. Customers will be able to drive, wakeboard, wakeskate, and wakesurf behind a G-Series boat featuring the Nautique Surf System. For more information check out the Proving Grounds Tour schedule or contact your Nautique Dealer to sign-up.

“Based on the success of the 2013 Proving Grounds Tour, and the wake community asking for more opportunities for everyone (boys, girls, men and women) to experience the amazing G-Series, Nautique has partnered with our dealers once again for the 2014 Proving Grounds Tour,” stated Nautique President/CEO Bill Yeargin. “Our team is excited that families across the country will have an opportunity to spend time together both in and behind the G-Series boats and learn for themselves why the industry voted the Nautique G-Series as “Boat of the Year” and the industry’s “Most Innovative Product!” Yeargin added.

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  1. Thomas Brooking

    How long is Nautique going to ring the "Boat of the Year" and "Most Innovative Product" bells...gee wiz, that was two model years ago when you guys won.

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