NMMA unveils new grassroots advocacy tool, Boating United

Today, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) has announced a new grassroots advocacy platform – Boating United – for NMMA members, business owners, industry stakeholders and all who hope to ensure that their voice is heard on Capitol Hill on behalf of recreational boating. Boating United is an online community for marine manufacturers, boating businesses, enthusiasts and supporters. The site makes it easy for NMMA members and marine industry stakeholders to directly participate in advocacy efforts.

Through Boating United, users can sign up to receive updates on legislation affecting the industry, learn more about specific bills and contact their Member of Congress to help ensure that our industry’s voice is heard. Boating United’s “action center” allows users to send pre-drafted letters to their specific Member of Congress or for users to write their own. A constituent’s voice is a powerful tool in Washington, DC – when voters talk, Members of Congress listen.

Action alerts such as the EPA’s decision surrounding ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard as well as boating access issues at Biscayne National Park in Florida are currently featured within the action center. As new issues arise, NMMA will update and send these alerts to Boating United users allowing them to take swift action on behalf of our industry.

Visit www.BoatingUnited.com or www.nmma.org/government/default.aspx and click “Take Action.”

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