Scribble Software unveils new cloud platform for marine industry

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A major issue frequently heard by marina owners and operators is the difficulty in balancing resources for business requirements and customer needs. Answering this problem, Scribble Software Inc. would like you to meet “MARIAH” – Marina and Recreational Internet Applications Home. MARIAH is a revolutionary cloud platform that brings the marina business and its customers together in a connected network of Internet and mobile solutions.

MARIAH is an extension of MarinaOffice, a leading marina management software solution used throughout the globe that empowers both the boat owner doing business with a marina and marina staff by providing a network of Internet and mobile apps. MARIAH also provides a unique multi-tiered user interface that allows marina staff to operate in a business mode and boat owners to operate in a consumer mode with capability to instantly switch to appropriate modes within subscribed marinas. This allows marina operators and boat owners from multiple marinas to easily connect and interact as needed.

In conjunction with the core management features, the first apps to be included in MARIAH are “MyBoatStatus”, “On-Line Bill Pay”, and “MeterWalk”. MyBoatStatus is a wireless online vessel monitoring solution allowing boat owners to connect to their boat from anywhere using any Internet enabled device and monitor vital boat health details. MyBoatStatus can also directly interface with the MarinaOffice marina management solution allowing the marina to monitor and be alerted of potential problems as well. On-Line Bill Pay assists a marina’s accounting resources by providing a means for boat owners and marina customers to view and securely pay invoices originating from all departments of a marina. “MeterWalk” is a mobile phone and tablet app providing a modern and efficient means for marina staff to easily perform utility meter reads and dockwalk inventory checks with direct online connectivity.

“We are truly pleased to be unveiling the MARIAH cloud platform”, says Vance Young, Director of Technology at Scribble Software Inc. “MARIAH is the second phase of our solution modernization process in creating a platform where marinas and consumers can come together with a suite ofproductivity apps. Marina staff can better allocate their time with efficient management tools while boat owners can be empowered to interact and connect in a self-guiding manner.”

MARIAH is poised for a very dynamic future as additional apps are included. There are many additional apps for both the marina business and boat owner consumer already in development and these will be released in the very near future.

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