Capt. Bernardo Herzer is keynote speaker at AMTECH NMSE

CANTON, Ga. — The Association of Marine Technicians (AMTECH) is happy to announce that Captain Bernardo J. Herzer, Founder and CEO of Lehr Incorporated will be the association’s keynote speaker at the National Marine Service Expo. Captain Herzer will speak about the application of environmentally friendly technology solutions for the boating industry. Lehr Marine currently produces eco friendly propane driven outboard motors.

Bernardo Jorge Herzer has spent a large portion of his life at sea. As a licensed ship’s captain, he developed a passion and a deeply felt connection to the ocean, logging over 40,000 nautical miles across the globe. While doing environmental research for Her Majesties Royal Fishers, Captain Herzer was shocked and heartsick at how much damage had been done to the underwater terrain of the North Sea by the not so eco friendly commercial fishing industry. He noticed that among other things, the residue spillage from the use of gasoline on the vessels had contributed to the degradation of the area.

“We are excited to learn more about Captain Herzer’s eco friendly propane outboard engines for our industry, says Joe De Marco, AMTECH president. Captain Herzer will give the keynote speech at our annual dinner Friday, January 17 during NMSE ’14.” The NMSE technical training and trade show will be held on the WyoTech-Daytona campus in Ormond Beach, FL from Jan. 16-19. For more information on NMSE ’14 goes to:

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