NMMA applauds nomination for U.S. Secretary of the Interior

WASHINGTON, D. C., February 7, 2013 – Yesterday, President Obama nominated REI CEO Sally Jewell to become the next Secretary of the Interior. The National Marine Manufacturers Association is pleased to express its support of this nomination. Ms. Jewell has shown a solid understanding of the many issues required to oversee the Department of the Interior’s large portfolio of public land and water, and a keen business sense.

The Secretary of the Interior oversees a department that is not only critical to the country’s economic recovery but is tasked with the protection and preservation of America’s natural resources, cultural and tribal communities, and our public lands legacy. In choosing what some would call a Washington outsider, the White House administration has shown that it values specific outdoor industry experience over partisan politics for this position. Ms. Jewell has advised both Republican and Democratic administrations on how to enlist more Americans in outdoor activities, most recently helping chart a plan for the U.S. National Park Service’s future while she served on the National Parks Second Century Commission.

Balancing the many requirements of this role necessitates a candidate with a proven background in public lands, success in the business world and a firm commitment to citizen engagement. Ms. Jewell’s accomplished background positions her well to manage Interior’s large portfolio of public land and water.

NMMA President Thom Dammrich says of the nomination, “NMMA applauds the nomination of Sally Jewell for Secretary of Interior and will support Ms. Jewell in any way we can. We hope to work together to promote public water access, and outdoor recreational activities, particularly recreational boating.”

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  1. Hopefully, Ms Jewell will have a positive impact on our industry. Or, at the least, not a negative one. She was probably picked because of her qualifications, not because of the Administration's desire to help our industry. I have been in the marine industry for 43 years, and have never had to try to survive under a more negative, anti small business Administration than that which is currently in power. Even during Jimmy Carter's high interest rate Administration, we could see a light at the end of a tunnel.
    So, yes applaud the nomination, but hold the applause for a White House which could care less for our industry.

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