PowerCat Group’s new promotion reimburses dealers for sea trials

TARBORO, N.C. - The PowerCat Group is launching a new DemoACat promotion in 2012, beginning at regional boat shows and leading into a final launch at the Miami International Boat Show in February.

The promotion offers boat buyers a chance to ride in one of PowerCat's boats. To help dealers push for the on-water demonstrations, PowerCat will reimburse dealerships $100 for each sea trial with a qualified prospect and will help sponsor "DemoACat Rallies" for sea trial days.

PowerCat President Andrew Brown said that the sea trial is an important part of the process because the ride is a unique selling proposition for the customer.

"Our market research indicates that the sea trial or 'demo' is extremely important in the purchase decision," he said. "When you have a discernible difference, you demonstrate the difference."

The new promotion will use slogans like "Go DemoACat in 2012" and "Decision 2012 Ride then Decide" along with campaign posters and buttons that play on the election season theme.

"We want to have fun with it,” Frank Longino, PowerCat VP of marketing, said in a statement. "It’s time to inject fun back into the marketing of recreational products. The 2012 election campaign was a natural tie in for us, and spoofing politicians on either side of the aisle is easy and well deserved."


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