FTL Solar launches new websites

AUSTIN, Texas – FTL Solar, LLC, is launching a new website geared towards consumers that will serve as a way for the company to better educate potential buyers on the features and benefits of their Powerfold and Powermod lines of products.

FTL Solar manufactures solar structures and fabrics for military and personal use. The new website will feature photos, videos, and other pertinent user information to educate consumers about how the product works and the benefits of solar power.

“We realize that the idea of using portable solar energy in our everyday lives is a new concept for most people” stated Tony Saxton, FTL Solar CEO, in a press release. “And as always, new technology has its own challenges when introducing a product like the POWERFOLD or POWERMOD. We think our new website can help in shortening that learning curve and deliver the confidence people need to buy our products.”

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