Coastal planning conference will focus on environmental sustainability

NANTUCKET, Mass. – At the 2011 Coastal Communities Conference, Sept. 29-30 in Nantucket, Mass., the focus of discussions and workshops will be on marine spatial planning in order to decide how to best use the near shore area for projects like energy facilities and aqua culture projects, and recreating boating and transportation networks.

Conference sessions and workshops will allow attendees to see new computerized marine spatial planning tools, designed to convert data into graphics to better visualize uses of coastal waters, and apply spatial planning techniques to case study locations and explore solutions for their communities.

The conference will be co-hosted by ReMain Nantucket and Egan Maritime Institute. Speakers will include Sally Yozell, Director of Policy for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Gover Fugate, Executive Director of Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council, and John Weber, Ocean Planning Director for the Northeast Regional Ocean Council.

“At the Coastal Communities Conference this year we want to bring together an audience from all along the New England seaboard to learn about how management plans are developed,” said Melissa Philbrick, Executive Director of ReMain Nantucket, in a press release.

ReMain Nantucket is an organization focused on creating economic, environmental, and social solutions for the future of Nantucket.

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