A Mylne & Co. commissioned to build new yacht

FIFE, Scotland — The BBC reports that yacht-maker A Mylne & Co has been commissioned to construct a unique £7m vessel for an unnamed Swiss businessman. This is the first new Mylne yacht design in 30 years.

The vessel, with a code name PF36, will be 118 feet long with a 23-foot, 8-inch beam and a gross weight of 230 tons. It will have a steel hull, a 600 hp engine and a range of 5,000 nautical miles.

Mylne reports that the yacht will be a classic look, have circumnavigation abilities, and have “green” features such as asky sail, wind genenerator, LED lighting and extra thermal and acoustic insulation.

The company will start production in late 2011 with an anticipated Spring 2013 finish.

The company is owned by Ace Marine Ltd.

Read more at: BBC.co.uk

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