Sealegs opens flagship U.S. retail store

HINGHAM, Mass. — New Zealand-based Sealegs Corp. Ltd. will open its flagship US retail store at the Hingham Shipyard in Massachusetts. The opening party will take place on Aug. 11.

Sealegs, an amphibious vehicle, uses three ATV tires for its land operations and a 24 hp Honda engine to manage the waterborne duties. Top speeds on land are about 6.2 mph and 37 knots on water.

“Households in coastal communities around the country, and New England in particular, have taken advantage of the convenience of the instant land to water launch that this retractable all-wheel drive vessel has to offer,” said Libba Cox, a Sealegs spokesperson, in a press release. “In fact, over 60 percent of all U.S. Sealegs owners reside right here in the New England area.”

The boats are typically used for police and rescue purposes, but the Hingham store will target recreational consumers, according to an article on

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