Hewes Marine Co. swindled by employee

COLVILLE, Wash. — A trusted employee stole 360,799 pounds of aluminum from Hewes Marine Co. and sold it for scrap for an estimated $556,000, according to a report from the Spokesman-Review.

On July 22, Christopher R. Boring pleaded guilty to aggravated first-degree theft and aggravated first-degree trafficking in stolen property. Company owners say they have little hope in recovering any of the money, according to the article.

Though company officials knew something was amiss, it took more than three years to catch Boring because he was in charge of the investigation. Boring conducted numerous audits, set up surveillance camera and appeared stymied by the thefts. He was discovered when incriminating evidence was found on his computer.

Boring started at the company in 2005. His wife, Jody, was also implicated in the crimes.

The Borings will be sentenced on August 22. Chris Boring is expected to get four years in prison.

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