Seaport Museum hosts antique boat show

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. — The antique and classic boat show at the Independence Seaport Museum was the subject of a column by Kerry O’Connor in the Philadelphia Weekly Press.

O’Connor, a life-long boating enthusiast, wrote a first-person account of his experience at the show.

“What can I say? There’s something about boats that get to me, and I think to most people on some level,” he wrote. “Big or small, sail or power (although I do favor my sailboat to a motorboat) boats conjure up a sense of freedom, adventure and romance. Pirates, explorers, captains and bootleggers plied their craft on the water in vessels as unique as their purposes.”

The boats on display belonged to members of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, and were put on display through a collaboration between the society, the Independence Seaport Museum and the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation.

“The Antique and Classic Boat Society is a natural fit with the Seaport Museum,” said John Brady, Interim CEO of the Independence Seaport Museum, told O’Connor. “The society collects, restores and displays a broad range of vintage powerboats. We examine the history of the Delaware River and region, which has a rich boatbuilding tradition of its own. Bringing the two organizations together gives us the opportunity to showcase beautiful boats in the context of the history that made them possible. The museum will continue to feature more programming like this.”

This event was the first such show at the museum, but the show has been held at other regional venues.

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