Navionics offers ‘digital newsstand’

WAREHAM, Mass. – Navionics, a manufacturer of electronic navigation components, has introduced a navigation app that provides users access to boating articles published by the industry’s most recognized magazines conveniently accessible from within the Navionics app. Select articles are geo-referenced for popular destinations providing location specific information that is of tremendous value to users.

Navionics NewsStand offers users a digital store where cruisers, boaters or fishermen can access and download articles of particular interest to them. Users can search by specific category (fishing, diving, services, equipment, water sports, navigation, kayaking, recipes, etc.) or by specific magazine title, or even bump into articles while panning an area they are planning to visit.

Users can enjoy reading articles as pure text or in original print layout with photos. Articles can be read immediately, or accessed in a library for later enjoyment. Content will include articles from the most popular marine industry publications and authored by the most respected writers in the industry.

Users who are planning to cruise to a new location or fishing a new area for the first time can visit the NewsStand to read what the experts in the industry have experienced firsthand and benefit from what they recommend. For a promotional period, all articles are free, and more content will continually be offered.

“We’re excited about presenting our location-based content through the Navionics app,” said David Ritchie, editorial director for Bonnier’s marine titles. “The media landscape is exploding all around us as content consumers find new ways to find, digest and share content that is meaningful to them. Sometimes they want to relax with a magazine. Sometimes they want to research a specific topic online. And sometimes they find themselves exploring new waters and interests in the world around them. By participating in Navionics’ proven and popular app, Bonnier’s brands will be able to provide boating, fishing and sailing enthusiasts with the information they need, where and when they need it.”

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