Reporting requirements updated for boats entering Canadian waters

ONTARIO, Canada — While the law has not changed, the Canada Border Services Agency says it has modernized its reporting requirements for pleasure craft entering Canadian waters, in an effort to make it easier for private boaters to comply with reporting requirements.

All recreational boaters are required to present themselves upon their arrival in Canada as per the Customs Act and Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. This includes all foreign boaters entering Canada, as well as private boaters who depart Canada and enter foreign waters, and subsequently return to Canada.

However, certain private boaters may now present themselves to the CBSA by calling the Telephone Reporting Centre (TRC) from their cellular telephones from the location at which they enter Canadian waters. The following groups of individuals may report by cellular phone:

— Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have not landed on U.S. soil; and

— U.S. citizens and permanent residents who do not plan on landing on Canadian soil.

For more information on the updated requirements, click here: Simplified cell phone reporting for private boaters

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