Group retains industry veteran to guide revival of Miami River area

MIAMI – Philip Everingham was retained by the Miami River Marine Group to guide the resurgence of the Miami River’s boatyards and marine resources, according to a release from the Miami River Marine Group.

In the release, Rick Eyerdam, executive director of the Miami River Marine Group, said Everingham will supply Miami River boatyards and marinas with the services and support necessary to continue the revival of the area.

Previously, Everingham served as senior vice president, general manager and principal of Merrill-Stevens Dry Dock Co. until his interest was sold in 2005. He is also the managing partner of The Marine Advisory Group LLC, a marine consulting firm for South Florida.

“It is our job now to find out what these busy boatyards and marinas want, what the captains and crew members want and need in terms of support services, marketing and stakeholder happiness to help them succeed and keep them coming back. And that is where Phil Everingham comes in,” Eyerdam said in the release.

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