YachtWorld.com hosts inaugural Principals’ Dinner

SEATTLE – YachtWorld.com recently hosted its inaugural Principals’ Dinner for selected principals and owners to honor the knowledge, experience and expertise that shape the future of the marine industry.
Held at Harry Browne’s restaurant in Annapolis, Md., attendees were invited to discuss issues that are impacting the marine industry as well as share new ideas and their views on the future of the brokerage industry. 

“The YachtWorld.com Principals’ Dinner was an encouraging venue for the best and brightest marine industry business owners to share information vital to the success of not only the individual businesses, but to the entire marine industry. The casual and relaxed atmosphere fostered the open, unencumbered dialog between principals, and as a result was extremely productive. Those who missed the event certainly would have benefited from participation,” Vincent Petrella, executive director of YBAA, said in a statement.
“What a pleasure to attend the Principals’ Dinner after the Yacht Brokerage University and YBAA meeting on June 16,” Nancy Cann of Crusader Yachts said in a release. “The dinner was fabulous, but the real highlight was to have dedicated time to engage in meaningful conversation about the state of the industry and how we see the future.”

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