ACMA President responds to Styrene listing as a carcinogen

ARLINGTON, Va. – The American Composites Manufacturers Association released a statement today regarding the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ inclusion of styrene in its 12th Report of Carcinogens, identifying styrene as a substance that is “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.”

In the release, ACMA President Monty Felix said the group retains its position that styrene “does not pose a cancer risk.”

“European Union scientists recently completed an exhaustive review of styrene’s health effects and concluded that exposure to styrene is not likely to cause cancer in humans – a conclusion validated by a myriad of peer-reviewed studies in the United States,” Felix said.

The ACMA president said more than 750,000 Americans are employed in jobs that depend on styrene, and people have worked safely with styrene for more than 50 years in the United States and Europe. Furthermore, Felix said several long-term studies examined 60,0000 workers who worked with styrene and found no significant health problems linked to the compound.

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