New iPhone app for boater safety released

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Florida By Water has announced the release of the iPhone application Vessel Safety Check, an app for recreational boaters that identifies the equipment required by federal boating requirements, according to a Florida By Water release.

The app determines the required equipment based on criteria specific to the boater’s vessel, including boat size, inland or coastal waters, inboard or outboard and more. After entering this information, the app compiles a list of specific requirements, as well as a list of optional safety items.

“It will help the recreational boater know exactly what safety equipment is required by the federal government. Hopefully it will help make this a safer boating season for everyone,” Rusty Gardner, founder of Florida by Water, said in the release.

In the release, Gardner said the app is not a safe substitute for an exam carried out by a qualified examiner.

Vessel Safety Check is on sale in the iTunes App store for 99 cents.

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