Stolen yacht club cannons found 10 years later

STAMFORD, Conn. — Decorative but operational cannons stolen from the Stamford Yacht Club were found in a private home during a federal gun and drug trafficking investigation last week, according to a report from the Stamford Times.

The two cannons were stolen more than 10 years ago from the Stamford Yacht Club.

The case is currently being investigated, according to the article, and no one has yet been charged for the theft. It is anticipated, however, that several people will be charged in connection with the theft in the near future.

“My reaction, and the reaction of the hundreds of members and guests who spontaneously applauded when I told the story at our Commissioning ceremony on Saturday, is a mixture of pride in our police professionals and satisfaction in learning that an old wrong has been rectified,” yacht club commodore Christopher Hynes told the paper. “If you have ever been the victim of theft, you will understand when I say that the feeling of invasion does not go away quickly. Apparently, that is as true for an organization like ours as it is for individuals.”

Hynes said the cannons were used at the club for decorative purposes, but they are also used to mark the lowering of colors at dusk and the arrival of visiting yachts.

To read the full article, go to: Stolen yacht club cannons recovered in federal raid

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