Caravelle gets third-party ‘Made in USA’ certification

AMERICUS, Ga. — Made in USA Certified Inc., a third-party certification for products built in the U.S., recently reported that Caravelle Powerboats is the first American boat manufacturer to receive its Made in USA Certified Seal of Certification.

Caravelle Powerboats successfully completed a supply chain audit with Made in USA Certified verifying compliance with Federal Trade Commission standards.

“In the last 100 years, the United States has dominated as the world’s leader in the marine industry,” Julie Reiser, Made in USA Certified’s president, said in a statement. “Our country is known the world over as having undisputed quality, workmanship, design and production when it comes to boats. This is one industry that remains largely owned by the United States and it is one we should strive fiercely to protect. We are so pleased to have Caravelle Powerboats as the very first Made in USA Certified boat manufacturer in the U.S.”

Caravelle Powerboats is owned by Sak Marine Company LLC.

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