Yamaha re-launches ReliabilityStartsHere.com

KENNESAW, Ga. – Yamaha Marine Group recently re-launched its ReliablityStartsHere.com website. The company said the site offers a means of providing a more accessible forum for its customers to share personal stories about their experiences with Yamaha outboards and for new customers to learn about Yamaha outboards.

“Over the years, customers have shared countless stories of reliability, performance and innovation with us,” Frank Wilhelm, Yamaha Marine Group Manager-Advertising, said in a statement. “We recognized this several years ago when deciding to launch ReliabilityStartsHere.com. The site has entertained thousands with stories of why Yamaha is their best investment. Recently, we recognized the need to refresh that experience and identity.”

The new ReliabilityStartsHere.com is socially-enabled and has been optimized for viewing on a mobile device.

“Consumers continually go online to get more information prior to making a major purchase,” said Wilhelm. “This site will serve as an account of why Yamaha is their best investment. We plan to capture videos from test drives, press events, pro tournaments and more to keep the site fresh.”

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