Funds available in Conn. for pump-out programs

HARTFORD, Conn. — The federal government will give more than $1 million for boat sewage disposal facilities on Long Island Sound for the 2012 boating season. The funds will be managed through the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Funds will be available to entities wishing to build or improve a pump-out station via a grant system. They’re available for public or private marinas, and could fund up to 75 percent of the project.

The funding is a part of the Clean Vessel Act program, and the money comes from the Sport Fishing and Boating Trust Fund. The fund is maintained by excise taxes on certain fishing and boating equipment and boat fuels.

“We are grateful to our federal partners in this effort, but also to the owners and operators of public and private marine facilities and non-profit organizations who have participated in this program,” DEP Commissioner Daniel Esty said. “Those groups have provided boaters with a convenient and affordable way to do the right thing by using pump-outs. The efficiency of our pump-out program allowed Connecticut to obtain federal approval to declare our side of Long Island Sound a ‘no discharge zone’ where it is illegal to discharge sewage from a boat.”

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