Ameri-Kart receives EPA designation for fuel tank

BRISTOL, Ind. – Ameri-Kart, a rotational molder of plastic fuel tanks and components for the marine industry, has received a Certificate of Conformity from the Environmental Protection Agency for its new low permeation fuel tanks.

“Ameri-Kart’s business strategy is highly focused on innovation, and we have committed resources in the marine industry to consistently produce quality fuel tanks and systems,” Eric Gottuso, president of Ameri-Kart, said in a release.

A “Certificate of Conformity” is issued by the EPA when the company can demonstrate its ability to manufacture a family, or families, of fuel tanks to meet the standards of evaporative emissions with respect to permeation, as explained in the Clean Air Act. Testing was conducted on Ameri-Kart’s fuel tanks by an independent laboratory, then submitted and reviewed by the EPA for approval.

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