Super light nano-carbon boat completes sea testing

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The 54’ Piranha boat, built by Zyvex Technologies , has completed sea trials and demonstrated record fuel efficiency, according to its builders.

The sea trial was performed after six months of testing. The trial was an approximate 600 nautical mile rough-weather sea test off the shores of Washington and Oregon. The boat finished the tests in time to travel for its debut at the Sea Air Space show near Washington, DC, on April 11.

According to Zyvex, a conventional aluminum or fiberglass boat would have consumed 50 gallons or more per hour at cruise speed, while test results showed that the Piranha consumed only 12 gallons of fuel per hour while cruising at 25 knots.

The Piranha is made with nano-enhanced materials that are 40 percent stronger than metals such as aluminum, which results in significant weight reduction and increased fuel efficiency, according to Zyvex. The boat weighs 8,400 pounds, compared to boats of similar size that typically weigh 40,000 pounds. Because the Piranha is 75 percent lighter, it is easier to transport and more cost-effective to operate.

The Piranha will begin demonstrations on the East Coast with an appearance at the Sea Air Space exposition.

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