SeaSense launches ‘new idea’ teaser campaign

NEWPORT, Tenn. – Unified Marine, manufacturer of the SeaSense line of marine products, today launched a series of print ads leading up to what it calls a “major June announcement.”

The company said it “is about to shake up the boating industry with a major product-related announcement, coming in June, that will permanently change the way marine accessories are marketed and sold. In fact, the news is potentially so big that the company is preparing the industry and boating consumers for the launch through a three-month advertising and marketing campaign entitled ‘The New Idea.'”

The ads appear in select marine trade and boating consumer media.

“For nearly 30 years now, we’ve been tackling issues and solving problems to help make boating easier and more enjoyable,” said David Nirenberg, founder and CEO of Unified Marine. “Once our announcement is made in June, it will be interesting once again to see how many of our competitors decide to follow our lead.”

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