Correct Craft hosts Korean ambassador

ORLANDO, Fla. – Correct Craft, Inc., the manufacturer of Nautique boats, received a visit Monday at its Orlando world headquarters from Han Duk-soo, Korean ambassador to the United States.

Ambassador Han met with Correct Craft President/CEO Bill Yeargin, Vice President Greg Meloon and Director of International Sales Dan Guthrie, to learn about Correct Craft’s business dealings with Korea and discuss ways Korea and Correct Craft can expand their relationship as a result of the U.S./Korea Free Trade Agreement.

During his time at Correct Craft, the ambassador took a tour of the company’s world class boat building facility.

After Ambassador Han’s tour of the company’s facilities, Yeargin joined the ambassador at a press conference in downtown Orlando to discuss the U.S./Korea Free Trade Agreement, followed by a meeting hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U.S./Korea Business Council. At the press conference and following meeting, Ambassador Han spoke about his positive visit to Correct Craft and Yeargin spoke about the company’s interaction with Korea.

“Our entire team was truly honored by Ambassador Han’s visit to our facility in Orlando and his kind words about both our boats and our operations,” Yeargin said in a statement. “Earlier this month I had the opportunity to visit Seoul, Korea, and was truly impressed by their country and their love for water sports; we look forward to working closely with the Koreans to improve our already excellent relationship.”

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