Tohatsu suspends production

FARMERS BRANCH, Texas — Tohatsu America Corp. has reported that its headquarters and manufacturing facility located in Japan remain undamaged by the natural disasters that Japan experienced late last week.

In order to ensure the safety of all employees, operations at the factory were suspended immediately following the earthquake and will resume on March 23 following an assessment of available supplies. Due to the natural disasters, many areas throughout the country are still experiencing delays in transportation as well as rolling blackouts; however, thus far Tohatsu has not encountered any major delays in production.

The devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunamis that caused extensive damage to Japan’s northeastern coastline did not reach the headquarters of Tohatsu located in Tokyo, or Tohatsu Marine Corporation, the Tohatsu factory, located in Komagane City in the Nagano Prefecture.

“We would like to thank everyone for their concerns about our headquarters and factory in Japan,” Tohatsu America Corporation general manager Jim Morgenthaler said. “Both the headquarters in Tokyo and the factory in Komagane are located in areas that were unaffected by the earthquake and tsunamis that hit in the northern part of Japan last week and we’ve received communication that all personnel are safe and unharmed.”

In addition, Tohatsu has donated 20 fire fighting pumps to the nuclear power station currently in crisis in the hope of contributing to the relief and recovery of the nation of Japan and urges others to join the relief effort in any way they can.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected by the natural disasters in Japan,” Morgenthaler said. “Although the situation in Japan is very fluid right now and changing daily, we will continue to monitor and report any information about the effects to Tohatsu’s operations, suppliers and dealers.”

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