SI-TEX says tsunami should not affect supply

TOKYO — SI-TEX Marine Electronics says its Tokyo-based factory is intact and workers are safe, but power outages and infrastructure damage will affect production in the short term.

“We've been in communication with representatives of our key factory in Tokyo, and they have confirmed that both their facilities and people have survived the recent natural disasters and are enduring the situation as well as possible,” Allen Schneider, VP of SI-TEX Marine Electronics, said in a release. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire KODEN Electronics family, and indeed all the people of Japan who have been affected by this tragedy.”

SI-TEX Marine Electronics has notified their dealers across North America that damage from the recent earthquake and tsunami should not affect supply during the upcoming spring season.

Production at the Koden Electronics Co., Ltd. Factory — which manufactures many SI-TEX marine electronics products — will be impacted as the company deals with challenges including power outages and damage to the nation's infrastructure. However, SI-TEX says a conscious effort over the last several months to build up North American inventory in preparation for the spring selling season should ensure a steady flow of product for the foreseeable future.

“We were pleased to hear that both the factory and our many friends in the KODEN family made it through these disasters relatively intact,” said Schneider. “Still, they are dealing with an experience and challenges we can?t possibly comprehend. The spirit the Japanese people and business community have shown in facing this unprecedented tragedy is a positive example for the rest of the world.”

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