TowBoatUS opens at Watts Bar Lake, Tenn.

WATTS BAR LAKE, Tenn.— A new branch of TowBoatUS has opened in Watts Bar Lake in Tennessee.

The shop is owned by Capt. Shane O’Neal, who owns four other TowBoatUS locations. It’s also one in a series of new and recently acquired locations in Tennessee and Alabama.

O’Neal says he opened TowBoatUS Watts Bar Lake to handle the increase in calls and speed response times, as he  previously had to trailer his towboats to the lake. Most boaters call for routine assistance such as running out of gas, soft groundings and dead batteries, he said.

All five locations have response vessels fully rigged for marine towing and salvage work and ready to go at a moment’s notice, including extra fuel, engine fluids, pumps, dive gear and battery “jump packs” to handle dead batteries. They can be identified  by their distinctive red hulls, white bow stripes and “TowBoatUS” lettering along their sides.

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