SeaKeepers aids in study of global warming

MIAMI — Boats owned by members of the International SeaKeepers Society are equipped with specially designed sensing systems that automatically collect ocean and weather readings and stream them to scientists around the world.

The data gets sent to climatologists studying global warming, forecasters tracking storms at the National Hurricane Center in Miami and others. The Miami Herald recently reported on the practice in advance of this week’s Miami Boat show.

Mark Luther, an oceanographer at the University of South Florida, says in the article that the SeaKeepers’ small but expanding fleet of pleasure vessels and commercial and cruise ships provide a wealth of data – at no cost to the scientific community.

“There are large areas of the ocean where we never, or very rarely, get measurements. It’s critical we fill in those gaps,’’ Luther, a member of SeaKeepers’ science advisory board, said in the article. “We have 90 vessels now. We could easily have 900 or 9,000 and not answer all the questions.”

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