BEP Marine extends partnership with Simrad Yachting, Brooks & Gatehouse

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — BEP Marine, a manufacturer of marine electrical products, announced today that it has extended its partnership with Simrad Yachting and Brooks & Gatehouse to incorporate advanced CZone digital switching, monitoring and control functionality into their latest multifunction navigation offerings, according to a recent press release from BEP.
BEP CZone integrates and simplifies onboard electrical and mechanical systems for centralized control of DC and now AC circuits, lighting, pumps and more, as well as the ability to monitor critical vessel systems, such as fuel levels and high bilge water, the press release explains.
“We are thrilled that CZone integration will be expanded into the new Simrad NSO Offshore and B&G Zeus systems,” said Jarrod Sagar, product development and marketing manager at BEP Marine Ltd., in the release. “It is a testament to the functionality CZone has brought to the Simrad NSE and another step forward in our goal to deliver builders and end-users seamlessly integrated technology that provides a simpler, safer and more enjoyable boating experience.”

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