TakeMeFishing.org scores well on recent survey

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A new survey of visitors to TakeMeFishing.org showed high levels of satisfaction and overall experience with the website, according to a release from the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, which manages the site.

More than three-quarters of TakeMeFishing.org visitors said they were likely to recommend the site to others, and 85 percent said they intended to visit it again. The study also found that visitors to TakeMeFishing.org are more likely than non-visitors to have gone fishing and fished from a boat this past year, and are more likely to do so next year.

“Our latest survey should be extremely encouraging for the boating and fishing industry and for state fish and wildlife agencies,” said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. “The survey shows a direct link between website visitor satisfaction and actual fishing and boating activity. High satisfaction leads to more site visitors which increases participation.”

Findings from the survey include:

— 87 percent of visitors found the information they were searching for on the site.

— 80 percent of visitors are very or somewhat satisfied with the website and 82 percent described their overall experience as excellent or good.

— 85 percent of website visitors are significantly more likely than non-visitors to go fishing in the coming year, compared with 69 percent of non-visitors.

— One-half of visitors who sought information on state fishing licenses purchased a license.

— 65 percent of visitors find the website influential in helping them learn, plan and equip for their fishing and boating activities, up from 57 percent in 2009.

— One-half of visitors visited the boating section, with 80 percent of them being very, or somewhat satisfied with the boating content.

— One-third of website visitors reviewed conservation information, with the vast majority being very or somewhat satisfied with the conservation content and being aware that conservation is important.

The online survey was conducted by Brunner, Inc. in September 2010. It involved 1,000 existing visitors and a panel of 500 non-visitors. In addition to website satisfaction and its impact on boating and fishing behaviors, the study also explored visitor and non-visitor demographics; visitors’ usage of mobile phone platforms, functionalities and apps; and the means by which visitors first learned about TakeMeFishing.org.

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