MDCE speaker warns of selling on price alone

ORLANDO — Don Cooper, one of the most popular speakers from last year’s Marine Dealer Conference and Expo, returned this year to kick off the Sales & Marketing track with a presentation titled “The Myth of Price.”

In it, Cooper suggested that instead of fighting to become the discount boat retailer in a given market, dealers should instead look to charge a premium price, cater to a premium audience and provide premium service.

Only 14 percent of customers, Cooper said, buy solely on price. And those customers are generally the most difficult to deal with while providing the least return.

Instead, Cooper suggested dealers need to differentiate themselves in order to provide something that customers can’t get elsewhere. If the value you provide is clearly articulated, many customers, he suggested, will be more than willing to pay for it.

“People are willing to pay more,” Cooper said. “You just need to give them a reason.”

The Sales & Marketing track continues today with presentations on “Immediate Results Using SEM” and “The 5 Hidden Secrets to Closing More Sales.”

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