MDCE speaker exposes link between culture and profits

ORLANDO – On day two of the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo’s educational line-up, David Spader of Spader Business Management outlined the connection between a dealership’s culture and its bottom line and taught participants the key components of a successful, high performance culture.

In 75 percent of cases, organizational climate alone sorted companies into high vs. low profit and growth, Spader pointed out. Organization al climate accounts for 20 to 30 percent of business performance, he stated.

This is particularly important for dealership principals to consider because so much of an organization’s culture – 50 to 70 percent – is directly related to the actions of the leader, Spader said.

The process for rebuilding your culture is to define your values, communicate them and work by them, according to Spader. Those who accomplish this achieve successes such as increased customer satisfaction, customer retention rates, employee satisfaction and earnings as well as decreased employee turnover.

“Culture is the essence of your organization,” summed up Spader. “It ultimately determines the success of your dealership.”

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